10 Houseplants That Need Little to Zero Sunlight

Hey fancy friends. Today, we’ll be discussing the top 10 houseplants that need little to zero sunlight. There are so many houseplants out there that can thrive with little sunlight, but these are my personal favorites. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, I’m sure with a little effort, you can keep these babies beautiful! If you want to liven up your home or apartment, these plants will do the trick.

Tropical Bromeliad

Don’t let the tropical name fool you. These plants can thrive under a plant light, so they’re perfect for your office space! These are one of the easiest to take care of, plus they come in a variety of colors – yellow, red, purple, orange, and brown! I highly recommend purchasing a plant light (linked above) if you want this plant to bloom.

Red Prayer Plant

The Red Prayer plant is unique because, at night, the leaves fold, hence the name. It looks like praying hands. These plants will look great in a hanging basket. They tolerate low light, but consider getting a plant light to let the leaves really unfold, and they prefer moist soil.

Kangaroo Paw

Such a cute name for a frilly plant. The Kangaroo Paw can add some delicate touch to your home. The Kangaroo Paw is easy to grow, and does best in humid areas (like your bathroom!), and it requires little attention.

Spider Plant

I love the spider plant because that’s exactly what it looks like – a spider! This tough plant can survive for years with indirect sunlight, and even in the winter months, this plant hardly needs watering. The spider plant can produce little white flowers while thriving. This plant is even perfect for keeping the air clean in your home!


Peperomias can tolerate a lot of different light varieties. They prefer to be in indirect sunlight, because in the natural habitat, they grow beneath forest canopies. They are easy to care for, plus they’re another plant that will purify your air. Stick them in the bathroom because they love humidity.

Snake Plant

The Snake Plant is one of my favorites. They need very little water and are not easy to kill. They can grow up to several feet tall, and they need very little sunlight. The Snake Plant can remove toxins from the air and emit tons of oxygen through the night, which can reduce headaches and improve your energy levels.

Peace Lily

The Peace Lily grows tall and beautiful, and will produce flowers more frequently if they have at least some natural lighting. The Peace Lily can grow up to 40 inches tall. When it’s time to water, look for droopiness. Best in indirect, medium sunlight to low sunlight.


Ah, the begonia. Aren’t they so pretty? These plants come in SO many shapes and colors. These beautiful flowers can live perfectly without any direct sunlight, and they will definitely add a beautiful pop of color to your home. Be sure to let the soil dry in between waterings.

ZZ Plant

The ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia; now you know why its name is shortened!) is a great choice if you want to add some liveliness to your home, and you’re sure to be keeping this plant alive. The ZZ plant is nearly impossible to kill, so it’s one of the best choices here. This plant can be happy in fluorescent lighting, or under a plant light.

Areca Palm

Also known as yellow palm or butterfly palm, the areca palm is one of the most popular and graceful palms. It is tolerant of the indoor environment, and can also act like an air purifier! The Areca Palm can add a tropical feel to your home, and is the easiest palm to take care of.

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