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15 Facts You Didn’t Know About Lavender

Lavender seems to be everywhere these days, and it’s no surprise why. Its fragrant scent is known to have a calming effect on the mind and body. You can’t deny that lavender has its health benefits, but there’s more to know about this beautiful plant that we’ll get into now. Here’s a list of 15 facts you didn’t know about lavender.

1. Its name comes from the Latin word “lavare” which means “to wash”.

2. It is a member of the mint family.

3. Lavender has many uses, but it’s primarily used for the production of essential oils.

4. You can easily enjoy lavender all year round by drying it out. The process only takes about 2-3 weeks!

5. Want to keep mosquitoes away? Plant some lavender in your backyard. It’s high in camphor, which repels bugs.

6. Lavender will help attract butterflies and bees to your backyard. Save the bees!

7. In ancient Egypt, lavender was used in the mummification process.

8. Lavender is said to increase drowsiness. Rub some lavender oil on your temples to help you fall asleep.

9. Lavender is drought tolerant, meaning it can thrive in high temperatures.

10. Lavender buds are covered in tiny hairs, which is where the oils come from!

11. Its scientific name is lavandula.

12. Bathing was uncommon during the Elizabethan times, so people used lavender to make their clothing smell nice.

13. The ancient Greeks used lavender to treat insomnia and ease back pain.

14. Lavender represents purity, devotion, serenity, grace, and calmness.

15. Queen Victoria and Marie Antoinette were fans of the lavender scent.

And that concludes the 15 facts you probably didn’t know about lavender. I hope this was helpful to you. Don’t forget to share this on Pinterest!

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