‘Coolest’ new speaker system is this one from Plantronics

The Plantronics Plantronics A5 speaker system boasts an impressive array of features that include a built-in speaker and an infrared sensor that can detect vibrations.

The speaker system, which is powered by a 6-volt battery and comes with an integrated cooling system, features a 4.3-inch high-resolution, touch-sensitive touchscreen that allows you to control the volume, mute the sound, and adjust the speaker’s position.

The A5 system can be used as a stand-alone speaker or integrated into the A5 Pro audio system, a stand that attaches to the rear of the A4 system and features a dedicated, remote-controlled volume control.

The system comes with a built in speaker that can be powered by either a standard USB cable or a power bank, which also includes a USB-C port.

The company claims that the A2 system has a similar setup to the A1 system, but also comes with built-up speakers.

Both the A3 and A5 systems feature a wireless connectivity option, which means you can use it as a wireless sound card if you’re not using the A9 system.

You can connect your smartphone to the system using Bluetooth, but the Plantronics team says it won’t work with all Bluetooth-enabled devices.

In addition, the A6 system comes pre-loaded with an array of accessories that include Bluetooth earbuds, USB charging cable, and more.

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