What is the best plant for companion planting?

This week’s companion planting guide is designed to give you a starting point for the rest of the gardening journey.

It has four main sections.

There’s the garden guide, which explains what you should plant in your garden and why, including where to start with your planting and the best times to plant.

The guide also includes a ‘best plant’ rating.

It offers the best options to grow your favourite plants, but it also offers tips and tricks for different situations.

The garden guide also explains how to choose a plant that’s suitable for your climate.

Then there’s the ‘best place’ section, which offers suggestions for planting in your local area and a breakdown of your best options for soil, climate and species.

The last section is a ‘how to’ section.

This is where you’ll find tips and suggestions on planting and managing your garden.

Each section of the guide is organised in two sections, the Garden guide and the Planting guide.

In the Garden section, you’ll discover the best places to grow different kinds of plants in your area, and you’ll also learn how to grow them to meet your plant needs.

Here’s what to plant in the Garden Guide section: Red cedar and maple (from the Amazon) in a row with an apple (from a farm in Australia) in the bottom left of the photo.

A white clover in a flower bed of a white cedar tree in a shade plot.

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