Which plant is the best for your home?

A new survey has found that the majority of the population want to keep their homes and garden as healthy as possible.

The poll found that nearly one in four (23%) of respondents said they want their homes to be in good condition, compared to 23% who said they would prefer to reduce their greenhouse emissions.

The survey was carried out by GreenhouseGrowth and commissioned by the Royal Horticultural Society.

The group found that 76% of respondents would like to see more greenhouse gas reduction schemes implemented, while 30% said they have already implemented some.

The Royal Horticulturists Society’s report found that greenhouse gas emissions could be reduced by at least a third within the next two years.

However, this is expected to take time, with the average time to cut greenhouse gas was just over five years, the survey found.

In the UK, the green house is a greenhouse which produces carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas which can be absorbed by plants, which then releases carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere, said Dr Matt Bannister, an expert in climate change and energy policy at the Royal Institution of Edinburgh.

“The idea is to have the most efficient and greenest possible structure that is able to take up carbon emissions in the most effective way,” Dr Bannisters said.

The survey also found that a majority of respondents (57%) believe that the greenhouse gas emission levels in the UK are too high, compared with just 20% who believe they are too low.

However, the Royal Society is keen to stress that the survey was not designed to be an endorsement of any particular greenhouse gas scheme.

“We don’t have the scientific evidence to tell us what the optimal greenhouse gas level should be,” said Dr Banyard.

“It is not a measure of the effectiveness of a greenhouse.

It is a measurement of how much greenhouse gases we have in our atmosphere, and we want to make sure we can manage them in a way that is appropriate.”

What’s the science behind greenhouse gases?

The greenhouse is a device which uses heat to produce steam, which can then be converted to electricity.

Greenhouse gases include methane, nitrous oxide, nitrogen oxides, and carbon dioxide.

These gases are produced by a variety of processes, such as plants growing in the ground, or burning fossil fuels.

The CO2 that we produce each year is the result of our burning of fossil fuels, and is the main contributor to global warming.

Greenhouse gases are a major contributor to climate change, with CO2 levels rising by around 1.4 parts per million every year.

However it is thought that we are currently burning around 30 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

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