What is a ‘monstera’ plant pot?

Plant City Florida, a city in central Florida, announced Wednesday it is adding two more monstera plants to its growing collection of plants.

The city says its new monstera is a mix of a native plant and a decorative flower that is designed to be displayed indoors.

“We have been working with this flower for the last six years and it’s such a beautiful addition to our collection,” Plant City Mayor Lisa Glynn said in a news release.

The new monsteras will be displayed at Plant City’s new Monstera House, a two-story structure on the grounds of Plant City, the city said.

Glynn says the new plant is “designed to be decorative, but it is also a beautiful plant to display.”

The city is currently in the process of building a new monsterhouse.

It is the first new monster house built by Plant City since 2009.

The building is scheduled to be completed in May 2019.

A second monsterhouse is scheduled for completion later this year.

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