‘Plastic bags are a danger to our children’: Activists denounce plastic bags

Activists are calling for a ban on plastic bags, saying that they are a “danger to our kids” and “harmful to our environment.”

“They are so harmful because they are so big, heavy, and they are not recyclable,” Yaron Cohen, a member of the Jewish Agency for Israel’s environmental group, told Israel’s Channel 2.

“The way to protect children and the environment is to make it harder to throw them away.”

The head of the organization, Yoav Avital, added that plastic bags are not just a waste product but also “a weapon against the environment.”

Cohen said that plastic can be “contaminated with chemicals and lead to cancer,” and that it is important to “reduce the use of plastic in everyday life.”

While the environmental group said it would “never allow plastic bags in our schools,” the idea of banning them in public places is gaining traction.

In December, the city of Herzliya announced that it was launching a pilot project aimed at reducing plastic bags from its streets.

The initiative, which is being led by the city’s environmental department, will involve collecting and using plastic bags to curb the spread of the microplastic.

The initiative is expected to be completed in March.

“It is a very important initiative,” said Avital.

“We have to be very cautious.

We have to use this opportunity to create awareness, to give it a place to grow.”

In a separate effort, Israeli activists have been collecting plastic bags at the entrance to the National Museum in Jerusalem, which will be closed to the public until the end of February.

“We have collected plastic bags for the first time since the end, to see how it is possible to do it,” said Dina Shimon, a director of the Israeli branch of the activist group No More Plastic.

“There is a lot of pressure on people to put them in a bin.”

“We will continue to collect the plastic bags until they all go into the bin,” Shimon said.

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