How to Get a Plant for $20 on Ebay

You can buy a pumpkin plant for $2 on Ebax, a website that specializes in plants that are more expensive than most.

But if you’re looking for a good bargain, you can find one for under $20.

The plant was picked from a farmer’s field in Georgia and was grown for its leaves.

The farmer was using a “mushroom” method of growing a plant.

According to Ebax’s website, the plant is “very easy to grow,” but it’s not easy to care for.

The plant was given to a friend of the farmer.

She told ABC News that the plant looks just like a pumpkin.

She said that she picked it to sell to her neighbors.

The seller said that the seller has not heard from the farmer, who is a small business owner.

She’s hoping that a plant like this will sell for a bit more than $20, because “it’s just a little flower.”

The seller posted the pictures of the plant on Ebaket, an online marketplace for plants, on the company’s website.

Ebaketo has a huge selection of plants that will help you save money on your next purchase.

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