Is this the next new plant?

It’s hard to believe it’s already here, but this is the latest plant to appear in the growing number of home gardens. 

The Macrame Plant Hanger was featured at the 2016 Home Grown Plants Show in London, and is set to be the centrepiece of a show in Liverpool this month. 

Macrames are native to tropical regions of Africa, Asia and Australia, and they are native in many parts of Europe. 

“This is one of the first plants I have seen to be grown in a home garden,” says Michael Dutton, who manages the gardens at Canna Plant Hangers in Liverpool. 

Mr Dutton has been growing Macrames in his garden for years, and says he is happy with the quality and consistency of the crop.

“They are very hardy and can withstand a long period of cold and humidity, and are extremely resilient, too,” he says. 

Cannabis plants, like Macramedas, require a lot of moisture. 

They also require anaerobic conditions in order to grow. 

When Macrameds are grown in the home, they need to be kept at a constant temperature of about 25C to keep the plant from rotting, but the plant can tolerate a temperature between 20 and 25C. 

So, what’s the catch? 

“They don’t need to wait for frost,” Mr Dutton says.

“They can be grown indoors or out, so they are perfect for people who are on the go.”

I also have a large plant at home, and this is another one I will be looking forward to growing. 

But what does that mean for people with allergies? 

Macrams are not the first plant to receive a high-profile mention at the Home Grew Plants Show. 

In fact, there have been other plants at the show that have been featured. 

At the beginning of last year, Macramus glauca was featured alongside a number of other cannabis plants, including Poppy, Raspberry and Citron, which are all native to South Africa. 

That was followed by Barking Cat, which was featured as a guest plant at the same show, and Pineapple which was featured in the show’s garden guide. 

For those who don’t want to wait until September, the next major crop is Cattails which is a cross between a blackberry and a marijuana plant. 

It is an annual plant, and will be the first ever cultivar to be featured at home gardens this year. 

 But it has not been easy growing the crop, says Michael Dawson, one of CANNACLINGLIVE’s garden guides. 

This was the first crop that I planted myself and I am so glad that I did. 

I have had a lot more questions than anything. 

And, honestly, the crop has been so hard to grow that I feel like it’s the most difficult crop to grow at all, and I don’t know how to tell you what to grow it for, or what to do with it, or how to get rid of it. 

If you want to grow Macramas in your garden, you have to look for plants that can tolerate cold temperatures and humidity. 

Read more about cannabis plants in the News section, including why they are so hardy. 

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