What is a Chamomile?

In the early days of medical cannabis, it was the name for a powerful medicine.

Now, the name is more commonly associated with a plant known as Chamomilla.

Chamomiles are commonly used in tea and as a flavouring, but the plants have become a popular ingredient in some medicinal cannabis products.

What is Chamomila?

Chamomilas are a flowering plant, and it’s a very different plant from the popular red pepper, chilli or other spicy pepper varieties.

They’re also used as a flavour enhancer in tea.

This is why, in recent years, many products using the name Chamomilias are now known as Chamomile tea.

They contain the bitter, peppery, citrusy flavour that Chamomillas are known for.

This means it’s easier to get your hands on than red pepper.

What do you need to know about chamomiles?

There are three main types of Chamomils: red pepper: this is the pepper used in many traditional Chinese medicines, such as ginseng.

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