New Mexico’s Agave Plant Will Produce Tobacco That Can Be Used In Cigarettes

New Mexico is preparing to start the world’s first agave plant to produce a type of tobacco that can be used in cigarettes.

The plant will be developed by the University of New Mexico in cooperation with New Mexico-based Agave Biotech, a company that makes the plant.

The agave is the only agave in the world that can produce tobacco, according to Agave.

The Agave plant will grow on 1,100 acres in northern New Mexico and will produce a plant that is “uniquely adapted for the manufacturing of agave,” said Eric Jaffe, a University of Minnesota agave specialist who is working on the project.

The plants production is part of the U.S. government’s effort to create a supply chain that can supply agave to smokers for cigarettes.

Agave is already a common ingredient in many processed foods, but the Agave-based tobacco plant is one of the few tobacco plants that can grow in a greenhouse.

Agaves genetic make up, including a gene called agave rhododendron, allows it to grow without soil and water, which is necessary for tobacco plants to reproduce.

Agavans roots also help it resist frost and sun damage.

Agava is expected to produce up to a half million pounds of agavas tobacco a year.

Jaffe said the Agavas plant is the first plant to be developed from scratch in New Mexico.

The United States and New Mexico are already working together to develop agave plants for food.

The State Department has granted the New Mexico company a $2.5 million grant for its agave biotechnology project.

“The agave species is the ultimate in agave and the most productive, which helps us understand the plant’s properties,” Jaffe told the New York Times.

Agape was once used in the food supply and was the first tobacco plant cultivated in the U, but that has changed over time.

Agavians roots, for example, can help resist frost, and its roots can withstand temperatures as low as -20 degrees Celsius.

Agaving is the plant used to make some of the world, including Cheetos, Doritos and Chipotle, which have also been developed using the plant, according the Associated Press.

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