Pothos is the #1 weed plant care product for indoor plants

PothOS has been around since 1997.

But this year, the company has found a new, high-end customer, and it’s got some big plans for the future.

PothOS CEO Matt Haggerty tells us what he’s looking forward to next.

The Pothosa brand is growing and expanding, so we’ve taken the opportunity to grow our brand to include all indoor and outdoor plant products.

We’ve been using PothoOS for the past 4 years now, and have seen an uptick in sales and sales volume.

It’s a really nice product to be able to use for any type of indoor or outdoor plants that you can think of, and that’s what we’re doing with our next product.

We’re looking at making a larger range of products.

We’ll start with a few of our existing products, and expand from there.

Poughkeepsie is an amazing location, and we’ve been able to get our brand out there through various social media channels.

We’ve had over 50,000 likes and shares on our Instagram account.

We have a couple of different brands coming to Poughkeeps and we’ll continue to expand into that area, but this is an area that’s really hot right now, so that’s going to give us a little bit of a boost.

Poseidon’s products have been a big hit on the local market.

They’ve done well with the local community and with their outdoor customers.

It is important for Poseidon to stay focused on our local product line, and this expansion will help us continue to grow Poseidon’s product line and help our local community.

Pomme is a great product, and our local customers are really looking forward for that to come.

We were looking at a range of indoor and outdoors plants that we would like to get into this space, and they’re really excited about that.

We want to make sure that we’re keeping our focus on the products that we’ve already developed, and so we’re very excited about the expansion of that.

We are looking at expanding our indoor and out-of-home plant care products.

The Pothoa and Poseidon line are very popular and have been very well received.

We have a few different products in our existing indoor and Outdoor plant products that are great for the local communities.

We are also continuing to expand our range of outdoor plant care.

We plan to do a lot more outdoor plant services, and hopefully we’ll get some products that our customers like in the near future.

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