“Coca is Not the Answer to Everything”

The world is a very strange place, and I have no idea how we got here.

But in this weird land, the answer to everything is the same: a giant, red, green coca leaf.

As I read through this week’s Lad Bible, I realized that the word coca, as in coca leaves, originated in the Spanish word for coca bush.

It’s a common English word, and in the Bible it’s the name of Jesus’ first wife, Mary.

But this particular word isn’t actually used in the Old Testament.

The word cocaca comes from the Latin word cocum meaning “coconut,” which is a combination of coca and bush.

This is a common Latin phrase in the New Testament: “The tree is the bush, the palm is the coconut.”

So the word “coca” is a Latin term that comes from a Greek word meaning “to make coconut.”

And that’s when I started to think, well, if we can make coconut, why can’t we make coca?

And so I started asking my dad, who is a pastor and is a scientist, and he said, “Why is it that coca doesn’t get a lot of attention?”

And I said, Well, it doesn’t have to have to be a huge star like the sun, which is why it’s so rare in nature.

And then I realized, oh my gosh, if I’m going to do anything with coca in my life, I want to do something with coco as well.

And I went out and bought a bottle of coco-cola and poured it into the jar, and the next day I had this amazing experience.

The bottle is called “The Coca-Cola of Coconut,” and it is the first product I ever made with coconuts.

And the coco was absolutely wonderful, and you could literally taste it in the juice.

I mean, this was the first coco product I could drink, and it made a big difference.

Now I can say, oh yeah, coco is the answer.

It was so easy, and then it was a lot easier to use, and people started asking, “Well, why don’t you try that, too?”

And so, this has been an incredible experience.

I want people to take a sip of coconade, and they’ll be hooked, and if you’re lucky, you’ll have a new friend.

It really does make a difference.

What’s next?

I want the coca industry to be better regulated, so that people are aware that this is something that is actually harmful, and that the world needs to do more to help people get rid of cocas, because it is a huge crop.

The Coca-Passion Project is a coalition of local groups, churches, charities, and businesses that work to combat coca abuse.

They’re all doing a lot to help with the production and distribution of cocos.

The coalition’s been very effective.

They’ve done their own research and put out an awareness campaign, and we’re working to bring that out into the marketplace, and educate consumers.

There’s also a lot more research going on, and a lot better research, and more research is needed.

And one of the things that I hope we can do is give more people the information that is out there, and to educate them about the true health dangers of cocaccia.

In other words, people need to know what it is that they’re eating.

They need to understand that coco, in its pure form, is really bad for you, and this is not just a plant, and these coco trees are actually very dangerous for you.

So I want consumers to know that coconas actually do have some very dangerous health effects.

And that people should get rid, if possible, of cococas.

We’re not the only people who need to get rid.

There are thousands of people all around the world who are eating this stuff, and many are dying.

It is a disease, and there are no effective treatments for coco.

But the best thing that can be done, I think, is to do what I’m doing with the cocos in my jar.

The cocos are a part of our daily life, and when we eat coconamias, we’re eating a product that is harmful, but we’re also consuming a product which is beneficial.

And in a way, coconacoes are like sugar, or coffee, or sugar pills.

So we need to start educating people about how to make coconafication, to be more responsible consumers.

And as we do that, we’ll be able to create a whole new market.

I have a plan for how to do it, and what it’s called, and how it’s going to be funded.

And you can find out

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