Walmart plans to plant cucumbers in Walmart parking lot

Walmart has announced plans to install the first-ever outdoor cucumbers on the company’s parking lot.

The store, located in a Walmart Supercenter store in the Uptown neighborhood of Philadelphia, will start the process of planting cucumbers, and they’ll be planted next to the store’s entrance, The Next Week reports. 

The new cucumbers will be planted on a large concrete floor, in front of the store entrance, along with the store parking lot entrance, where Walmart currently has only one outdoor plant.

“We are excited to bring these outdoor cucumber plants to our customers and customers in our community, who can enjoy the outdoor seating, shopping, and dining opportunities that this outdoor facility provides,” said Wendy Dziedzic, Walmart’s director of corporate development. 

“Our goal is to grow the outdoor dining and shopping opportunities at Walmart to meet the needs of our customers, and we are excited about the opportunity to add to our existing outdoor seating offerings.” 

The outdoor seating areas will be the first in the country to have outdoor seating installed, and Walmart will also offer a variety of dining options to cater to the growing number of customers. 

Walmart has long had plans to have indoor seating installed on the lot, but this project will allow the company to keep the existing outdoor plants growing and the parking lot open. 

At least three different Walmart parking lots have already been installed with outdoor seating in recent years. 

But while the indoor seating has been successful, the outdoor plants have been disappointing, as the indoor plants have failed to keep up with demand. 

In October, Walmart announced it would be planting the first outdoor cucunas in the US. 

It will also be the second Walmart to plant outdoor cucurups in the last two months. 

If you want to see the first indoor cucumbers at Walmart, you can find a video of the new outdoor plants below.

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