Which cities have the best art?

Lantana, Florida (CNN) If you ask most people, you’ll hear the term “plant city” thrown around quite a bit.

But for the folks in Lantamania, Florida, it’s one of the most popular terms in the state.

There’s something about the city’s architecture, and the beauty of its landscape, that makes it an ideal place for the city to have its own cultural identity, says the city manager of Lantamania, which is also known as Lantanana.

“The plants are part of the fabric of the city, and we feel like we’re in the heart of nature,” said Karen W. Saldivar, who heads up the Plant City Cultural Association.

“We are a part of nature.

We have the trees, we have the shrubs, we see the sunsets, we hear the birds.

We just feel like our culture is in our backyard.”

The Plant City is one of several plant cities around the country.

There are several cities with the same name, but most of them are located in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina, according to the American Plant Council.

Lantans plant city was founded in 1996, and it now has a population of over 150,000.

The city’s motto is “plant, plant, plant.”

In the early days, Lantanas leaders wanted to grow their own food, but they soon realized they had to use the city water and sewer system, which was also designed to grow food, said Lantanoana Plant City Mayor Tony Smith.

The council wanted to use recycled materials, but there was a catch: the waste would have to be composted.

Lants waste management plan calls for the City to use only recycled material.

So, in 1996 the city decided to expand its water and sewers system.

In 2000, Lantaans first plant city began, and now it has more than 500,000 residents, according the city.

“Lantans unique culture and heritage is an integral part of our community and our history,” Smith said.

“So, we feel very fortunate to be a part in the culture of the Plant Cities.”

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