How to make your own tall plant stand from seed

Plant seeds and place them in pots.

You will need a couple of medium size potatoes and some long pieces of bentonite clay.

The clay should have a thick, sticky consistency.

You can buy bentonite at most garden centres, or you can use it in a mortar.

Place the clay in the pot and add some water to the pot.

Once the clay is wet, you can add some fine sand or crushed rock, or sand and rock will be more effective in forming a firm foundation.

If you are using rocks, you will need to put them in a bucket to prevent the clay from sinking.

Allow the clay to harden for a couple days, and then add a few fine sand stones or pebbles to the top.

If this does not seem to work, add some sand paper and mix it well.

Leave the clay for a day or two, and add more sand.

The best place to add more rocks is in the middle of the pot, about 5 cm (2 inches) away from the bottom of the clay.

Add a few of these rocks as you add more clay.

You want the rocks to be at least 5 cm high.

Once all the rocks have been added, add more of the mortar, as per the instructions.

Cover the pot with the mortar and water, and allow it to hardens for a few days.

The final step is to fill the clay with water.

You should then have a small pot that is about 6 cm (3 inches) deep.

It should have enough room for the clay, and enough space between the pots to allow the clay time to hardener.

Remove the pots and allow them to dry for a week or two.

Now it is time to put the pots back in the potspot, and to give the clay a chance to hardening.

When the clay hardens, you need to leave it overnight.

This process is called “fracturing” the clay so that the joints are strong enough to support the weight of the plants.

If the clay breaks down, it will not form a solid pot.

It is possible to leave the clay on the clay until it hardens again, but that will reduce the number of joints in the clay and cause the clay not to hardence as much.

You need to remove the clay when it is ready to hardise.

To do this, take the clay out of the pots, and put it in the mortar.

The mortar is a large, flat, flat metal bowl that is filled with water and a mixture of sand, sand, and gravel.

Mix it well with a spoon, and use the tip of the spoon to break up the clay particles.

The mixture of gravel, sand and sand will form the base of the base that you will put the pot in.

Leave it to form a base that will hold the plants together.

Make sure that the base is well sealed and that the clay joints do not tear.

The base is then covered with a small layer of plastic sheeting.

This is to protect the joints.

Leave this plastic sheet for at least a week, or longer.

The plastic sheet will give the pot a soft, smooth, even texture.

You may want to allow it a bit of time to set up.

When it is dry, you should place the pots in a well-ventilated area away from other plants, to prevent mould or moisture from forming.

Now you can put the clay pots in the garden and enjoy a healthy garden with beautiful plants.

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